With every lyric, every song, every performance, you'll find the spirit of unity and joy is the foundational point for Teo Bok's music, and those values don't end when he walks off stage. This is how Teo lives his life and continues to call in others to do the same.

It's also why giving back to the global community and leaving this world better than the way he found it, isn't just a "nice thing to do" in Teo's's the only thing to do.

Teo Bok has been a proud volunteer and collaborator for a number of organizations including Unicef, Education First, and the One Ocean Foundation. He also joined Croce Rossa Italiana to raise 100k euros in the fight against Covid and joined Ricky Martin's Charity Stars to collect funds for Mexico and Caritas de Quintana Roo.

Growing up in front of the limelight, Teo quickly grew to understand how psychologically important it was for teens and young adults to have a place to freely express their feelings and struggles without fear or judgment. This is why he makes his annual trip to the mountains of Dolomite, Italy, to spend a few special weeks with some of his youngest fans supporting them, connecting with them, and creating a safe space for them.

Teo still holds his own plans to open his own foundation to better serve the causes that are near and dear to his heart, but until then he will continue to show up to support others whenever he can.